IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
11-14 January 2019 // Las Vegas // USA


12 January 2019 - 17:30-19:00

Panel #1: Fog/Edge Computing and Networking - Challenges, Opportunities and Current Status

Organizers: Tao Zhang and Doug Zuckerman

Moderator: Doug Zuckerman (IEEE Future Directions)

Abstract: Interest in Fog computing and networking has continued to grow as an enabler of the "cloud-to-thing" continuum, filling the gap between Cloud and Edge. A future with "Fog" will be critical to achieving high-bandwidth, low-latency and secure consumer products and services, such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities, home networking, mixed reality, robotics and highly efficient automation environments. This panel will bring together renowned experts in this area to present and debate recent progress and their vision for the future, including standards such as IEEE P1934/1935 and early implementations.

Tao Zhang (Huawei)
Tom Coughlin (Coughlin Associates, IEEE USA)
John Zao (NCTU, OpenFog Consortium, IEEE 1934)
Alex Gelman (IEEE/ComSoc Standards Activities)

13 January 2019 - 17:30-19:00

Panel #2: The New World of Mixed Reality, Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Organizers: Tom Coughlin and Kathy Grise

Moderator: Kathy Grise (IEEE Future Directions)

Abstract: The IEEE Future Directions Committee explores the technologies that will define the future of technology and human civilization. This session will explore what is being done in the various IEEE FDC initiatives, including 5G, Block Chain, VR/AR/ML, Symbiotic Autonomous Systems and direct brain to electronics interfaces.

Tom Coughlin (Coughlin Associates, IEEE USA)
Narisa Nan Chu (CW Lab International)
Yu Yuan (Senses Global Labs & Ventures)
Soumya-Kanti Datta (Eurecom)